AfriPart Mini/Maxi Team Claim Podium in Round 9 of King Price F400 Karting

The AfriPart Mini/Maxi team consisting on Graham Donker and Clyde McCree competed in Round 9 – the penultimate round of King Price F400 karting that took place on Sunday 4 November at Zwartkops Raceway.

In the qualifying round, the field consisted of 23 karts. The team duo qualified 5th, this was despite them experience mechanical failure which saw them lose a few positions.

Race 1: The team had managed to fix a mechanical problem and finished the race in 8th place.

Race 2: The team started the race well and halfway through they were involved in an accident with another competitor. Despite this, they managed to finish the race in 5th place.

Race 3: Clyde and Graham’s determination was obvious as they stayed with the top five racers to finishing 3rd at the end of the race. The team finished 3rd overall for the day.

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