Excellent Start to 2019 Karting Season for Team Afripart-Mini/Maxi

The 2019 KING PRICE F400 Karting Challenge season started off on a good note for Team AfriPart-Mini/Maxi.
The team who are currently in the process of building a kart with new rails which will only be ready for next race borrowed a kart from a fellow team mate for the race.

The team line-up also had a slight change as regular driver, Clyde Mccree was away and in his place was Jordan Sherratt who was alongside Grahan Donker.

Team AfriPart-Mini/Maxi had a good start, qualifying in position 1. Race 1 they finished in 2nd position. In 
Race 2 and 3 they took 1st position respectively. This gave them an overall 1st position for the day.

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