VDO Air Flap Actuators

VDO Air Flap Actuators The electric actuator with an integrated position sensor and optional integrated electronics allows intake manifold throttles or turbo charge guide vanes, for example, to be continuously adjusted. Giving more precise control means that it takes the place of standard pneumatic drives that can no longer satisfy these more stringent requirements.

VDO Sensors and VDO Motors

VDO Sensors and VDO Motors With help of the BMW Valvetronic System, the vehicle power is more direct and increased. On the other hand the consumption is reduced by up to 10% in a petrol engine. Within this system the airflow is controlled by the Variable Valve Lift and replaces the Throttle Valve. Nevertheless, a […]

VDO Digital Linear Actuators

VDO Digital Linear Actuators   Digital linear actuators gradually control the adjustment of intake air in the throttle valve bypass and therefore the engine speed when idling. Working with the sensors, and an electronic control unit, they quickly correct variances in speed.

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